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Ron Ferguson - Burleson, TX
My Lab/German Shorthair mix started turning her nose up at her food and I had to add canned dog food to her kibble to get her to eat it. Tried Extreme Dog Fuel and she ate it right off the bat, no hesitations. It even smelled better than other dog foods I have tried. No wonder she didn't want to eat the other more exspensive brands.

Mary - Winnfield, Louisiana
Just had to let y'all know that since we've been staying with friends, due to our house fire, they will now be using Extreme. Their little Dachshunds love it they keep steeling our two dogs food when they get a chance, it's to funny. At first they argued with my husband and myself telling us they just wanted the food cause they thought they were doing something sneaky but after 4 weeks of them continually getting into the food and eating it like it were candy we finally convinced them their dogs really like it. So now you may have new customers. Please don't forget me Jay, we really need that food in Ohio. If it were up to me it'd be in every state. I just hate the Bass Pro Shops up there no longer carry it. Good Lord willing we will be able to come up with something. Thanks for all y'all do to make our dogs happy and healthy.

Brannon White - 153 Oakhaven Drive Farmerville, La 71241
I had been using Science Diet Active Dog Formula and my Chocolate Lab was always sluggish. I swapped to Extreme Dog Fuel 2 weeks ago after my dog feel flat on her face after picking up 23 of the 40 ducks we killed on opening morning of duck season. After a short rest she managed to finish the hunt and picked up all 40 of them. I had discussed your product with some of my other duck hunting buddies and they recomended it highly, that night I sent my wife for a bag of your Extreme Dog Fuel. I started feeding my dog that night, within 2 days I could tell a very noticable difference in her stamina and ability. She has been on your product for 2 weeks now and finally has muscle definition in her shoulders and hips that are also rock hard. She has not gotten tired since being put your product and her coat in 2 weeks has went from a dull brown to a very shiny & sleek coat. She has plenty of energy for hunting and for recreation afterwards with my kids. Thanks for having a great product and keep up the good work. Brannon White 153 Oakhaven Drive Farmerville, La 71241

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Dog Food Made in the United States

What's Special About Extreme Dog Fuel?
Extreme Dog Fuel has all the nutrients to keep your dog healthy. The additives and vitamins are the same as people take. Our testimonials prove what's so special about our dog food.

Where can you get Extreme Dog Fuel?
Check with our "Find a Dealer" page first. If there is a feed store in your area and you would like Extreme Dog Fuel, please ask them to call us.

How does Extreme Dog Fuel compare to other brands?
Extreme Dog Fuel has as good as if not a better quality than Pro Plan or Eukanuba, it's only CHEAPER!

What type of dogs is Extreme Dog Fuel good for?

My dog is a picky eater. Will he eat Extreme Dog Fuel?
Most dogs prefer Extreme Dog Fuel over their current brand.

My dog is not a hunting dog:
Extreme Dog Fuel is good for ALL DOGS!

But I have a little dog.
Little dogs love Extreme Dog Fuel!

But I don't like to switch brands.
You never know until you try it. The quality and value is worth the switch.

My dog has an allergy.
Just try Extreme Dog Fuel and see for yourself. We have allergy dogs on Extreme Dog Fuel that do just fine.

What kind of stools will my dog have?
Most dogs on Extreme Dog Fuel have small tight stools. It really depends on your dogs activity and daily routine. Nervous dogs may always have loose stools. All things considered, Extreme Dog Fuel will give your dogs firm stools.

My dog has arthritis, will Extreme Dog Fuel help him?
Trying not to exaggerate heavily but Extreme Dog Fuel has brought arthritic dogs back to life. Extreme will help.


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